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5th Generation Family-Owned Business

We've been at this since 1935, and are proud of the legacy we've built here at Mickey Seeds Inc.

It all started in with Philip Hebert, who bought 4 bushels of Pioneer Seed, two that he sold to neighbors and two that he planted himself. Some of these early hybrids had yields as high as 55-60 bushels per acre, which was a huge increase over the commonly planted open pollinated corn. As Pioneer became known for its reliability and yields, so did Philip, who grew the seed business for 25 years before passing it off to his son Ted in 1960. 

Ted continued the family legacy for many years. After a few years of seeing the consistently outstanding yields that Pioneer had to offer, Ted's son-in-law Don was so impressed, he came on board and started selling with Ted. Don sold seed for over 20 years and frequently mentioned that there were very few times that Pioneer didn't perform for him. The legacy continues on to Don's son Kevin, who started in with his father in 1985. Kevin and his brother Jon have managed the business together since 1993 and are excited to bring on the next generation to Mickey Seeds Inc with Jon's sons Tanner and Drew. Our story is truly a family story. 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, top genetics, and the latest technologies and advancements available to market. We are growing and learning each year so that we can help you raise the best crop possible each year. 

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